Selenium with Spring boot and Gradle

Selenium is one of the leading test automation tool in software testing industry. Plenty of web applications were automated with the help of Selenium tool. As we all know, Normally selenium triggered via testNG framework and integrated with any CI tools like Jenkins.  Today testodev, talking a various approach. How selenium can run like an API ?, this can be achieved by Spring boot and Gradle. Spring boot is a development framework based on Java. Gradle is an open-source build automation tool.

This is architecture of Selenium with Spring boot and Gradle

You can clone the code available in testodev git repository

How it works 
Controller class is responsible for handling the API requests, In the sample code you can see two test were configured with request mapping annotation are,
When you call the test with defined annotation then its corresponding test will get triggered. For example trigger a request with /google then you can see chrome driver launches google home page.

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