AB - Performance Benchmark Tool

ApacheBench (ab) is a command tool for measuring the performance of HTTP web servers. ab tool is very basic but it will give you a easily digestible performance related metrics of a web server. It is a single threaded application and it could not provide the detailed performance reports like JMeter or LoadRunner. It can give you

1. At what point will the application break.
2. Maximum number of requests-per-second that my application can handle.
3. Average response time.

ab tool available in Apache MSI-package and grab ab.exe from the Program Files/Apachge Group/bin folder. It is a standalone application.
Here gives an example about ab tool simple command
ab -k -c 200 -n 100000 example.com
-k Keep Alive
Enable the HTTP KeepAlive feature, i.e., perform multiple requests within one HTTP session. It is recommended you do a benchmark with this since browsers are working in a similar way.
-c Concurrency
Number of multiple requests to perform at a time.
-n Requests 
Number of requests to perform for the bench marking session.

In above example 200 simultaneous connections until 100 thousand requests are met with keep alive header.


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