HTTP to HTTPS Migration - A Testing perspective

HTTPS  is being used for communicating over a secure channel, The main features of HTTPS are Authentication, Encryption and Data Integrity. HTTPS Everywhere campaign has motivated the companies to make the data communication over secure channel. Google has decided to downgrade the rank of non-secure channels, this must be the other side of the motivation. Here we're discussing about the testing perspectives when your web application migrating to HTTPS.


The below 10 points you can considered as checklist for a HTTPS migration project. Here we go

1. Make sure that your web application functionality is working as expected

2. Ensure that all links are migrated to HTTPS

3. Make sure that there are no mixed content errors

4. Make sure that your SEO check list is successfully executed, which includes following items
       > Canonical, Alternative and Hreflangs langs
       > Updated Sitemap files
       > 301 redirects
       > Updated robots.txt
       > GA admin settings

5. Make sure that all e-mail signatures are updated to HTTPS

6. Make sure that all blog links are updated to HTTPS

7. Compare the page load speed with referenced values. List of tools are available here

8. Confirm that all 3rd party integration tools are updated

9. Ensure sure that all APIs and Web services are updated

10. Make sure that your CDN files are updated properly

Happy Migration..... 

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