Pytest - Rules and Features

In the previous post, we've learned about creating the first script using pytest framework. This post will discuss the rules and features

1. Header - All pytest script should include import pytest at header of the script 
2. File naming - pytest only identifies the file names starting with test_ or ending with _test as the test files
3. Method naming - All pytest methods should start with test_
4. Assertions in PyTest - Assertions are used for validating the test conditions. Assertions are checks that return either True or False status. if an assertion fails in a test method, then that method execution is stopped there. The remaining code in that test method is not executed, and pytest will continue with the next test method.
assert "tree" == "tree" is a successful assertion.
assert 10==3 is a assertion failure
assert True is a successful assertion
assert False is an assertion failure.
assert "orange" == "apple" is a assertion failure.
These are basic rules to validate the application with pytest framework. pytest also supports parallel execution, annotation etc, which testodev will cover in the later posts 

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