Interview tips for hiring beginner-level test engineers

This post talks about the interview tips when you're in the hiring process for selecting the test engineers who don't have prior or a little experience  in software testing, let's say beginners or freshers or interns

From my point of view, test engineers must have these qualities

Curiosity to learn the unknown

Thinking capability,  in other words, Visualization

Usually, when you're going to start the interview, the first question might be about their profile and later we move into the software testing-related questions. The one thing we may consider is that the candidate may be nervous since it may be their first job. You can ask some questions to calm down their tension, for example, ask about their place or hobbies or college, etc.  

The candidate may be studied about software testing basics in their college time so it is okay to ask the software testing questions as well, for instance, need for software testing, software development life cycle, etc 

Let's talk about the questions to judge the qualities we talked about earlier

1. Give one scenario like a login page, what scenarios they will be trying to judge the quality of the login functionality. The answers might be positive and negative cases of login (OK). It may be about appearance like UI (Good), If the candidate talks about performance, stability, and stress (awesome) 


2. You can ask the same question (point 1) about the objects around the meeting like Telephone, Fan, etc. If it is an online meet, ask about the meeting platform, It may be Zoom, Teams, etc. Here we can ensure how quickly candidate thinking or visualizing

 3. There is one more scenario is there which is a calculator and you can ask plenty of questions related to it.

  • A negative scenario related to division - x/0
  • How to break the addition operation
  • Negative scenarios related to equal to (=) button
  • How to test the compatibility of the calculator 

I hope this post may give some insights into the interview questions for hiring beginner-level test engineers. Please share your feedback by email

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